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Three Types of the Activists in MANS
  1. Active  Activist

  1. Well-Wisher Activist

  1. Active Activist on Personal level

1. Active  Activist

  1. He is directly active in organizational work.

  2. After own health, Family, Business or Service the next propriety for him is the Organisation.

  3. Attends most of the Branch Meetings. Gives time, labor and money for the  organization. Accepts various responsibilities. Is active office-bearer of the Organisation. 

2. ​Well-Wisher Activist

He is the supporter of thought and work of the organization. He may not necessarilybe active on regular basis. He extends whatever possible help and supports organization. He can be designated as President, Vice-President, Guide.

3. Active Activist on Personal Level  

Where there is no Branch of MANS, but may be a single person is working on spreading thoughts of the Organisation, such person is Active Activist on Personal Level. However, it is expected that as soon as possible, he should open a Branch of the Organisation at that place. Where a Branch of MANS is already available, no person can become such an Active Activists at Personal level.

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