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Organisation’s Stand on the God

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

It is not a wonder that the concept of God came in the mind of primitive man. If he felt that the control of extremely complicated universe is done by similar, invisible power, it is natural. MANS is ‘Neutral’ about the concept of the God. Neutral means, the organization neither support nor oppose the concept of the God on its platform. Our Country’s Constitution has conferred a fundamental right to each of the Citizen to believe or not to believe in the God. The Organisation desires to work within the framework of the constitution.

However, the exploitation in the society made on the basis of the concept of the God, undesirable traditions, ritual are critically examined. The Organisation considers the right of such critical examination given by same Constitution as very valuable.

After such examination, the God who creates miracles, fulfils the vows of the followers, controls human life is not acceptable to the Organisation.

However, as stated by Saney Guruji, ‘whoever amuses the kids, he will connect himself to the god’, if someone believes and imagines that the creator this type of high level moral thoughts means God, then the Organisation does not oppose to it; supports it.

Human centered ‘God’ concept is presented by the Saints of Maharashtra.

This rational stand of MANS is different than the stand taken by the rationalists throughout the world. It is in line with India’s social, cultural and historical soil.

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