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How to join the Organisation?

Any person, irrespective of age, caste-religion, gender, gender-orientation, who follows the thoughts of eradication of superstitions and is desirous of spreading it or understanding it, can become a member of the Organisation.  There is NO fee for enrolling as a member. A membership form is to be filled in. After submitting the form with the Branch, you can become a member of the said Branch. This membership is valid for one year. These forms are available with the local Branch. Membership Form is provided here as well. After becoming member, you can participate in Branch Meetings and the Campaigns according to the time available with you. Based on your time, labor, skills, participation, the responsibility is given to you. This is how you become an activist of the Organisation. Gradually, you will understand the Organisation’s subject, Ideological role, campaigns and method of work. This is how you develop yourself.

What are the benefits of joining the organization, as a person?

This question is asked to MANS Activists many a times. You attend and organize so many programmes, do you get money for that? Please note, nobody receives any money for that. On the contrary the activists happily spend from their own pockets for this work. But the other benefits available to the activists are innumerable. Let us understand that!

  1. MANS is an ideological movement. Our personality takes shape with this thought. We start thinking thoroughly and to the point.

  2. Our thoughts become brilliant. Our personality is bloomed due to our taking up of logical stand.

  3. We get scope for our qualities and skills. This speeds up our personality development.

  4. We behave more responsibly in social life. We act with understanding.

  5. We get Designation, Reputation, Fame in due course. (But this is not our Aim.)

  6. Being involved in this work, we automatically keep ourselves away from addiction, violence, illegal behaviour. This is very beneficial in our family, society and our place of work.

  7. As we become free from all the superstitions, we can protect our family, friend circle, relatives from the exploitation caused due to superstitions. We start playing role of a guide and a supporter.

  8. While doing this work, we start submitting our thoughts without fear and start asking questions.

All the above qualities make us a responsible citizen. Hence, we work for comprehensive work of making our Country’s democracy rich. With this interpretation, we are, in fact, giving active service to the nation. These and many more  are the benefits from this work.    

 If you wish to open a Branch of MANS, let us understand, how!

How to open a Branch of MANS? If you wish to open a Branch of MANS in your village or  city, please contact us. Then, we will start dialogue  with you.

Only two Persons are also sufficient

Only two persons, who desire to spread the thought of eradication of superstitions,  can open a Link Branch (Contact Branch) immediately. Active Branch can be opened with five persons.

  1. When contacted, a meeting is organized with the people who desire to open the Branch. At primary level, They are made aware about the thoughts and methodology of the Organisation  at primary level. All the queries are answered, doubts are cleared and then, after discussion, Branch of the organization is established.

  2. Every Branch is connected with District Branch.

  3. No two branches are opened in a city.

In large cities, there can be Division-wise Branches, subject to the permission of District Level Committee.

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